Parsi Cuisine

BY THE ORB August 25, 2019 11:57 am

History has it that, Parsis arrived in India after fleeing from Iran. Mumbai hosts a sizeable population of the community and is a hub for the Parsi cuisine. Owing to its geographical origins in the Middle East, the cuisine draws flavours from Turkey, Kurdistan and Azerbaijan. It is characterized by meals, which are a combination of fresh produce like pomegranates, raisins, prunes and apricots along with a portion of rice and meat such as chicken, fish and lamb.

The Parsi cuisine has imbibed the local flavours, which has manifested into a unique and distinguished taste. Popular Parsi dishes like dhansak is usually a portion of lamb in mixed lentil gravy served with brown rice pulao. Parsis love their eggs (called eeda). Dishes like akuri (spicy scrambled eggs) and pora (their take on omelettes) are among common the common dishes. Many of their vegetarian preparations are also topped off with eggs on the top.
Street favourites such as faluda and kulfi are actually a treat from the Iranian and Persian communities. The dessert spread includes sev (vermicelli) and ravo (Parsi style kheer). A preparation called Lagan nu Custard is a dessert that is especially prepared for weddings, which literally means ‘wedding custard’.

Due to the size of the population of the community, the cuisine is an endangered one. The flavours are homely, not very complex and mostly very comforting to the palate. Experience the realm of the Parsi fare with Jumjoji, exclusively opened at The Orb, Mumbai and get ready to pamper your taste buds!

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