The Orb’s sweet spots!

BY THE ORB November 12, 2019 12:42 pm

Get ready, sweet lovers because the ultimate destination to find the best desserts in town is here. The Orb in Mumbai is the current dessert hotspot that offers speciality restaurants, cafes, and ice cream parlours that have a variety of confections to satisfy your craving for sweetness.

So, if you have just finished your meal and looking to savour sweetness, here’s where you should go:

A Taste of the South and the Far East at Nasi and Mee

A popular choice on the menu is the ‘Fried Ice Cream’, a heavenly combination of crunchy and creamy in vanilla, chocolate or mixed variants wrapped in coconut. Drizzle with honey and you’ve got the hottest/coldest combo in Mumbai. But if you are a little bit more adventurous, then try the ‘Ais Kacang’ which is an ambrosial concoction created out of shaved ice, agar-agar, cream corn, water chestnuts and extra toppings.

The Thai favourite ‘Ruby Red’ made of mock pomegranate seeds crushed with ice and coconut milk is a must-have at Nasi and Mee. However, if you are a chocoholic, then perhaps the ‘Choco Dim Sum’ will be more to your taste.

Find Your Sweet Spot at Play – The Lounge

There’s always something fantastically wonderful when you try some of the all time greats at Play – The Lounge. Take your pick from a choice of their house special blueberry cheesecake, warm apple strudel, decadent chocolate and peanut butter parfait, zesty lemon pie and special tiramisu.

If you are looking for desserts that have style with substance, then Play- The Lounge is everything that a quintessential dessert lover can dream of.

Go Healthy at Myfroyoland

You can now satisfy your sweet tooth and stay healthy at the same time at Myfroyoland. Choose from the range of flavours like alphonso mango, apple pie, banana bread, blueberry cheesecake, bubble-gum and chocolate chip cookie dough and many more. It also offers a range of gluten free frozen yoghurts and tarts too.

Now happily indulge your taste buds without feeling guilty about it. This bright and cheerful yoghurt bar has a sweet for everyone!

Love the idea of plenty of dessert options without having to venture out to multiple locations? Drive to The Orb. It is your best place to celebrate your indulgences!



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  44. Then I’ve had a guy, without asking me directly through other people, find out what things I liked, what I wanted in life, my favorite things, what books I’ve read, what movies I loved, my goals and dreams just so he could go a step further – which by the way, got my attention!
    It didn’t matter who he was or how different we were, the fact that he spent all that time thinking about me, wanting to know me, discovering things I wanted or liked just so he could know me in order to have more of an in depth conversation was something different from the normal, casual comment. 

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  46. Look into her eyes and simply express her about how happy you have felt to spend time with her . 
    I can’t tell because it depends on girl i mean what’s ur relation with her if she is too much bestie , just friend or girfriend , crush etc comment something very pleasant and very casual

  47. I can’t tell because it depends on girl i mean what’s ur relation with her if she is too much bestie , just friend or girfriend , crush etc comment something very pleasant and very casual
    I read this really great post once, not too long ago. I can’t find it right now, but if I do I’ll edit this post and include a link so you can see the original thing. But I’ll explain it in my own words.

  48. I think the most important thing to matter is context. Be aware of what you’re saying, why you’re saying it, and who you’re saying it to. My above examples aren’t the rule, but I’d say they’re pretty good guidelines – particularly if you DON’T know the girl very well.
    Um…maybe when you compliment them about their behavior or attitude. When you talk about her nature and her inner qualities not the external qualities, girls like those comments the most which is related to who they truly are and not fake comments.

  49. Depends on the girl. But generally, girls like to feel confident and hence like compliments that boost their self-confidence.
    Really? And you want to know this to become friends? What would be the answer for men? Friend, jut be yourself, say what you feel and try to not hurt people. Authenticity is the best make up, because it is you! You don’t need lines!

  50. Real compliments. Something they took great effort in. Can be hair. Shoes 90% always a good choice. Accessories…makeup.
    The female coders I’ve worked with seem to prefer single-line comments and tend to avoid writing sprawling multiline comments that take up a whole monitor screen. I don’t know whether this is just my limited experience talking.

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