Jazz Up Your Nights with Fun Events at The Orb

BY THE ORB November 27, 2019 12:23 pm

Back in the good old days, a little live music with your meal at the restaurant wove its old world charm. Fast forward to 2019 and the meaning of events at restaurants have made a complete U-turn.

So, if you are in Mumbai and looking for some jazzy night outs during the week, head to The Orb where you are sure to find something that will suit your taste.

Pop In for Some Karaoke Fun

Foodies looking to kick off karaoke with a kick-ass feast should head to Rassay by Barcelos. Iit does exactly what it says, which is to deliver these fun Karaoke nights, every Tuesday from 8pm onwards alongside excellent a plateful of Peri-Peri Chicken Wings.

Laugh the night away as you watch your mates go on a sing-along spree. And when it’s your turn, choose from over hundreds of songs ranging from classic jams to contemporary hits, and prepare to perform yourself for a spectacular show!

Time to Get Your Thinking Caps On

Quiz nights at the Rassay by Barcelos is the perfect excuse to get together with your friends for a mid-week catch-up, every Wednesday from 8pm onwards. There is no better night out for Mumbai’s trivia-lovers.

And while you indulge with some lip smacking dishes, exercise your grey cells too and expect an evening of some rib-tickling fun. As you pack niche facts in the midst of a few pints, you will be guided through some fun-filled rounds of questions by your trusty quizmaster.

So, grab some pals, get a round in, and start racking your brains. Winners get free beers, movie tickets and even exclusive sunglasses from Kosch!

Could there be a better way to spend your Wednesday night?

Stomp Your Feet to Live Acoustic Beats

Just like the cocktails have been plucked from around the world, so is the music at Rassay by Barcelos. Expect to hear some West African blues, maybe a Cuban son or even the occasional burlesque artist.

Have a craft beer, a cocktail or spot of finger food while you’re jiggling around, before ordering a selection of dishes to share from the main food menu.

Head over every Thursday to Rassasy by Barcelos, 8pm onwards if you like your live music full of swing and fun, and your music venues intimate.

Enjoy Happy Hours at The Play

If you don’t fancy paying full price for your drinks, then definitely take advantage of the Happy Hours at Play the Lounge, applicable Monday through Friday, between 12pm and 7pm. It also happens to serve some delicious, lip-smacking food that you can enjoy, to accompany your drinks.

Whether you stick to a classic Mojito or opt for something stronger, the Happy Hours at The Play is a solid choice for some relatively quiet, early-evening drinks.

The Orb offers at a range of top restaurants and bars with a spectrum of entertainment options to choose from. So, spend your evenings socialising and enjoying a drink in one of these outlets where you can sit in comfort and not worry about breaking the bank.

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